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Patricia Magnotta

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

License Number: NJ 44SC05749000

You may be ready to take a courageous first step and choose a therapist for your needs. I treat your concerns in a non-judgmental environment of respect and confidentiality. I am certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This type of approach helps to better understand how your thoughts contribute to behaviors that may lead to emotional distress. CBT is effective to help anxiety, fears, obsessions/compulsions, relationship issues, self-esteem and depression.

I am certified in telehealth. We have immediate openings for anyone in need of services during this uncertain time. Insurances accepted.

In addition, I am a Certified Grief Recovery Counselor (The Grief Recovery Method). Grief is the normal and natural emotional response to loss. Death, divorce, pet loss, moving, starting college, change in finances, or an end to a romantic relationship can trigger a grief response. Grief is emotional, not logical. Our first contact will put your concerns at ease . I have helped individuals, couples, and families work through life’s difficulties. Call or email to schedule a phone consultation. My office staff will process your insurance for you.

Our first contact will put your concerns at ease . I have helped individuals, couples, and families work through life’s difficulties. Call or email to schedule a phone consultation. My office staff will process your insurance for you.

Debra A. McLaughlin, MA, LAC, NCC

License Number: NJ 37AC00560100

The cornerstone of my treatment is the establishment of a safe, genuine, and collaborative relationship between myself and the client.  I utilize evidence-based therapeutic approaches including Mindfulness, Psychoeducation, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).  I help clients identify, create, and develop tools to better manage their thoughts and emotions.  It is through this work that clients achieve the ability to connect to their true self.

I assist clients struggling with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, identity issues, relationship stress, life transitions, trauma, and addiction. 

It’s easy to lose sight of one’s heartfelt direction in an ever-changing world filled with distraction and demands.  When this happens, it seems impossible to navigate the journey back to being you.   It is my desire to help you on this journey.  

“Live in a way that feels true to you and pay attention to the small miracles every day brings.”

Rachel Klenk, MA, LAC, NCC

License Number: NJ 37AC00668500

Greetings, my name is Rachel (she/her). I am a Licensed Associate Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Religious Studies from the College of New Jersey in 2019. Following this I earned my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the College of New Jersey in 2022. In my free time I enjoy spending time in nature, with family, reading, and creating. 


I am looking to work with individuals of all ages who would like to become the best version of themselves. My most typically used therapies include Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Family Systems Therapy, Psychoeducation, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I also include creative work to help explore the client’s interests. If you are seeking someone with experience in treating depression, anxiety, trauma, or processing any other difficult life transition, I am eager to support you in continuing your journey to wellness. Please reach out with any questions you have, I look forward to working with you.

Jennifer Cozzolino, LCSW

License Number: NJ 44SC05397800

Jenny received her Masters Degree in Social Work from Monmouth University and has been practicing as a clinical social worker for over nine years. She has worked with children, families, couples, and seniors. Jenny has extensive experience in treating anxiety, depression, and loss (grief counseling, relationship, independence, and/or loss of identity). Jenny also has an intense passion for working with families and or parents in helping develop strategies that will create a more balanced home life; allowing families to understand their dynamics in a nonjudgmental way while working at looking at their individual needs and hopes for the relationship.

Jenny uses a multitude of client centered approaches in therapy with a focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Strength Based Perspective, and Empowerment of the client.

I use mostly Client-Centered theory, however some of my work includes some Cognitive Behavioral I primarily use Cognitive-Behavioral and Psychodynamic interventions.  As a Registered Play Therapist, I incorporate the expressive arts (play, music, art, sand tray) when working with children or adults.  These Jenny chose to be a social worker to help others find their confidence and strength. She is a passionate therapist and strives to provide an empathic ear to help clients with self-reflection, understanding of their own emotions, and develop coping techniques that feel comfortable and appropriate for each individual client.

Danielle Furslew, LPC, LCADC, NCC, CCS

License Number: NJ 37PC00547400 & NJ 37LC00193000

Danielle is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC), Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) and a Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS) in the state of New Jersey. She graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology and obtained her Master’s Degree in mental health counseling with a specialized focus in addictions from Monmouth University.

Danielle has over 13 years experience in the field which includes previously working at a methadone clinic and as a care coordinator placing clients needing welfare assistance in substance use and/or mental health treatment. Her main focus is with the adult population struggling with substance use disorders but she also has experience with depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, and managing basic life stressors.

Danielle works from a client centered approach believing that each client has unique, individual needs that cannot be met with only one modality. There is no “one size fits all” approach. She will help you to develop personal goals, while empowering you to use your own life skills to manage emotions and behaviors in a healthy manner. Danielle is passionate about supporting and guiding clients to reach their fullest potential.

In her spare time, Danielle enjoys spending time with her husband and son, exercising, traveling and listening to music.

George Grant, LPC

License Number: NJ 37PC00778700

People sometimes seek professional help for complex thoughts and feelings that might be depressive, obsessive, anxious, or ideas and feelings that somehow complicate life. Relationships at work, home, or even changes in life circumstances, including health, finances, and interpersonal situations, may trigger these complex mental states. The ability to share life’s struggles with an empathetic professional in a safe setting and together to set and work toward goals is therapeutic.

I work with people by consulting with them to understand what they want from treatment, how they would like their lives to be different, and how best to co-create is always at the center of the therapy. In addition to general practice, I also specialize in treating people with Asperger’s.

My background in counseling and psychoanalysis allows me to help clients explore their lives from multiple perspectives and enables me to suggest a wide range of possibilities. I am as comfortable addressing isolated issues as I am working with more pervasive ones, I see people of any sex, gender, orientation, race, or ethnicity from adolescence to old age.

Michelle Ten Eyck, LCSW

License Number: NJ 44SC05440100


My name is Michelle, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have over 20 years of experience in this field, in various settings. I have experience working with individuals, families, adolescents and groups. I have worked with anxiety, mood disorders, stress, family and relationship issues, addiction, chronic illness, and serious mental illness, and how it affects the family.


I work with a non-judgmental, gentle style. I believe that the client must be truly comfortable, and feel safe, to get the most benefit from sessions. I believe in meeting the client where he or she is at, and creating a plan that works for each individual.  


I use mostly Client-Centered theory, however some of my work includes some Cognitive Behavioral techniques. If you think we might work well together, please reach out to me.

Savannah Robertson, MSW, LSW

CCATP-CA Certified, License Number: NJ 44SL06778200

Congratulations on taking the step to find the right therapist for you. I understand that finding someone who “gets” you is key to having success in therapy. I am a Licensed Social Worker and received my master’s degree from Rutgers University. I take a client-centered approach to therapy and believe every client’s individual needs, goals and strengths should determine their course of treatment. I have worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings with adults and families seeking treatment for mental health and substance use concerns. I have also worked providing behavioral health assessment and care coordination for individuals throughout the state of New Jersey.   Prior to becoming a therapist, I completed a BA in Speech and Language Pathology, and worked with young children in a preschool setting. While completing my Bachelors, I also worked as a language and literacy coach for children through a national early education program. Because of these varied experiences, I enjoy working with individuals throughout all stages of life. 

I believe that the most valuable contribution a therapist can make is to create an environment where you are comfortable being your authentic self. For that reason, my approach to therapy is down to earth.  I am passionate about helping clients gain the tools to live a fulfilled life and connect with a sense of purpose and confidence. My other passions in life include travel, reading, iced coffee, and spoiling my dog and cat. I look forward to meeting you, and to helping you meet your best self. 

Samantha Cirlincione, LSW

CCATP-CA Certified, License Number: NJ 44SL06733900 

Hi, my name is Samantha Cirlincione, I am so glad you have found our page and are ready to begin your journey to wellness.  I would like to share a bit about me and my background and my therapy approach.  I am a licensed Social Worker and have experience in assessing and creating treatment plans for individuals, adults, children and groups.  I am also a CCATP-CA Certified counselor, which designates me as specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders in children and adolescents.

In my practice, I use a client-centered approach which begins by meeting the individual wherever he/she/they are in their journey.  I collaborate with my clients to help them find the coping skills that work best for them and provide a safe, non-judgmental space for them to explore themselves.  I believe in working together through therapy along with CBT and DBT practices to develop coping skills, self-awareness and self-compassion to adopt positive long term changes.

“People seek therapy for numerous reasons.  I believe that the therapeutic relationship is one that is built on creating a safe, empathetic space.  My goal as a therapist is to offer guidance and to foster empowerment for you to achieve healing and growth from whatever life obstacles you are experiencing. Life can be difficult, but that does NOT mean you have to face it alone.  Support is here for you and healing IS possible.” -Samantha Cirlincione

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