Mental Health


Today, more than ever, there is an undeniable link between mind and body. Health is no longer assessed by how our bodies are functioning physically, but also by how well our minds are managing stress and emotional pain. Finding a reputable and skilled mental health therapist in Wall NJ is just as important as finding a good medical doctor. At Monmouth Integrative Counseling Services we offer a non-judgmental and  supportive environment to help clients  address the disruptions of life.

Healing the mind

When you need help with healing a counseling therapist in Wall NJ is the best choice. It is important when you need treatment that you find a good therapist that you can trust and who has the experience, training and the kind of skills that can best help you with whatever issues you may be facing.

Know when you need help

In order to get in touch with us to find out how we can help, you need to know that you need it in the first place! There are a multitude of reasons you may consider reaching out to an expert mental health therapist in Wall NJ.

  • Worsening fear or dread about the future- also known as anticipatory anxiety. At its worst, this can become paralyzing and ultimately prevents us from being able to enjoy life.
  • Feeling depressed or extremely sad about something that has happened or about something we can not control.
  • Feeling hopeless, helpless, or worthless. This is a vital time to seek mental health support and at Monmouth Integrative Counseling Services we can help adults and adolescents who are experiencing suicidal ideations.
  • You are having extreme mood swings, sometimes you feel good, and then suddenly you feel very low, or very angry with nothing that triggered it, or something very small.
  • You might feel out of control and that your life is going wrong or things are happening that you never wanted or intended. Seeing our counseling therapist in Wall NJ can help you see where those feelings come from, and how you might take that control back.
  • If you are lashing out at people, having panic attacks and such, this too is a sign seeing a mental health specialist is going to benefit you.


When you recognize that you need help, get in touch with Monmouth Integrative Counseling Services, we have a therapist that can meet your needs and help you during difficult times.

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