Whether you are looking for ways to improve your marriage or partnership, or you are worried you might be heading for a separation or divorce, Monmouth Integrative Counseling Services offers marriage counseling with a caring and compassionate counseling therapist in Brick NJ. Whether you simply need more support and guidance through a difficult situation or help with better communication, we can assist you in meeting those needs. We work with you as an individual or as a couple. An experienced therapist can help you with a range of issues from poor communication to infidelity. Counseling is not just for when a marriage is in crisis; counseling is also helpful to simply help you feel better in your relationships. Give us a call to find out how we can help you!

Reasons why you might want to try a counseling therapist

Counseling is not only a process to help fix a broken relationship, but also a system of skills training to help strengthen any relationship. Clients who see our therapists are able to leave with skills that they can be used for all relationships. You can reach out for any reason but some of the more common reasons why you might seek to see our skilled counseling therapist in Point Pleasant NJ are;

  1. You or your partner may be going through “change of life” experiences and adjustments.  Things such as childbirth, relocating, death of a parent, or retirement can put stress on a marriage. It is normal for life changing events to cause you or your partner to cope in ways that can make you feel more like strangers. The routine of life has been disrupted and as such, so can your marriage feel disrupted. Our experienced therapists can teach you how to communicate better, understand each other more and learn how to stop feeling like a stranger in your marriage.
  2. You or your partner have been unfaithful. One of the most difficult reasons to see a counseling therapist in Brick NJ at Monmouth Integrative Counseling Services is that one of you, your partner or both of you, have been unfaithful. This type of event may put any marriage in crisis. The feelings of anger and sadness, of betrayal and shock can cause anyone to feel the marriage may be over. Having a trained professional who can offer help with communication is essential in situations like this. Couples can learn to spend time with each other identifying ways to save their marriage instead of destroying what might be left to build upon.
  3. One of you may have serious health problems. A serious illness can impact a relationship in a multitude of ways. The stress of caring for an ill partner can place undue stress on both partners. We can help you work through feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, and frustration.
  1. The average person spends 75% of his or her life at work. Whether it is a high-stress job keeping you and your partner away from each other too often, or a recent change in job that has added stress, a change in your career can have a significant impact on a marriage. Our thoughtful and supportive therapists can help.


Seeing a counseling therapist in Point Pleasant NJ can be a way to strengthen or save a marriage or relationship. We will work with you to help you achieve your relationship goals and overcome your relationship issues.

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