COVID-19 Update

If you have been grieving the life you once knew since the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we can help you process your feelings about how your life has changed. Working from home and social distancing are just a few of the changes you may be triggering a grief experience at this time. Feelings of sadness, irritability, uneasiness, isolation and loneliness are normal feelings to be experiencing right now. Our Certified Grief Recovery Counselors are trained to help you complete your grief.

If you have found yourself almost inconsolable over a significant loss, please know that you’re normal. If you have found that your family and friends don’t seem to understand the severity or significance of your grief, please know that, too, is normal.

Grief, by definition, is the emotional reaction to loss of any kind.  Often times, we attempt to resolve grief by shifting the emotions of grief to thoughts and intellectual truths about grief, and thereby altering the normal reaction to loss. We are staffed with certified Grief Recovery Counselors, certified by The Grief Recovery Institute, and our approach to grief is different. Death, divorce, loss of health, loss of trust, loss of independence, loss of a pet, and financial changes are but a few of the devastating losses we may endure. 

A loss of any type changes our daily routines. Loss leaves significant voids in life that we need to fill.  We may struggle to recognize these changes in routine and to develop ways to deal with the emotional pain. Often times, we feel embarrassed or ashamed about the severity of the heartbreak we feel and may hesitate to share our feelings with our loved ones and other supports. In addition, sometimes when we do share our feelings about loss people may minimize or dismiss our feelings, leaving us with a feeling of rejection and the unspoken message to not discuss your feelings about loss.

Please contact our office for more information and to set up an appointment.

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